kio chiusino in kinext



Description B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm)
Clear Opening 400 mm 125 kN 32 400 500 24
Clear Opening 400 mm 250 kN 36 400 500 28
Clear Opening 400 mm 400 kN 48 400 500 40
Clear Opening 800 mm 125 kN 48 800 900 40
Clear Opening 800 mm 250 kN 56 800 900 48
Clear Opening 400×800 mm 125 kN 25 400×800 500 17
Clear Opening 400×800 mm 250 kN 32 400×800 500 24
Clear Opening 400×800 mm 400 kN 38 400×800 500 30


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Thanks to the continuous development of innovative solutions in the design and manufacture of composite covers and frames, in 2013 Polieco Group designed and manufatured for a Middle East client a new modular manhole, the KIO TRENCH: the cover is made using the KinextTM material.

This cover (500×900 mm) is placed on top of a concrete service channel (400 or 800 mm width) inside fairground, service areas, industrial areas, commercial areas, ports and docks.

During 2020 for a Swiss project, Polieco Group has developed a second model of KIO TRENCH (558×1000 mm).

The cover can be directly placed on the bearing walls of the conduit or on the aluminum/steel frame.

In case of models KIO TRENCH 900×500 250 kN, we can provide it included of aluminum frame. The frame is supplied in elements from 2.75 m (clear opening 400 mm) or 2.50 m (clear opening 800 mm).
Thanks to special jointing systems the aluminum frames can be connected inline or in the corner directly on site.

If you have two or more coupled KIO TRENCH covers is necessary to provide a support beam in the lower part.

Easy and safe manual removal and replacement of the covers is facilitated through the use of the simple single point manual lifting tool