kio chiusino in kinext



Descrizione A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm)
Luce netta 400 mm 250 KN 512 36 400 500 28
Luce netta 400 mm 400 KN 48 400 500 40
Luce netta 800 mm 250 KN 56 800 900 48
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Polieco Group designed and built for an important client of the Middle East a new modular manhole, the KIO TRENCH: the cover is made using the material Kinext™ while the frame is made of aluminum.

This product is placed on top of a service channel in the concrete of a fairground, but the applications are possible: service areas, industrial areas, commercial areas, ports and docks.

KIO TRENCH is designed to fit trench widths of 40 cm or 80 cm.
Thanks to special jointing systems the aluminum frames can be connected inline or in the corner directly on site

If you have two or more coupled KIO TRENCH covers is necessary to provide a support beam in the lower part.

Easy and safe manual removal and replacement of the covers is facilitated through the use of the simple single point manual lifting tool