Solidity and resistance

The Kinexttm manhole cover KIO made of composite material has been obtained through a patented production process, as a result of years of research and testing, within the field of activity of a solid European group.

KIO cover is made in compliance with EN 124 (1994) standard and it has obtained the ICMQ certification. Performance tests, a locking system and other devices are guarantee of safety and strength.

Available in different sizes, it is suitable for all applications typical of products made of traditional materials but with equivalent or higher performances.

Solidita Resistenza

External SizeClear Opening
300 x 300 mm 209 x 209 mm
400 x 400 mm 305 x 305 mm
500 x 500 mm 402 x 402 mm
600 x 600 mm 502 x 502 mm
700 x 700 mm 602 x 602 mm
950 x 950 mm 760 x 760 mm
Ø 425 mm Ø 314 mm
Ø 800 mm Ø 600 mm
Ø 1100 mm Ø 905 mm