kio chiusino in kinext


Composite materials, which usually are not available in nature, are the combination of at least two chemically different constituents. This combination is the result of a specific process which generates chemical-physical properties that are not typical of the individual constituents. Kinext is the composite material developed and patented by Polieco Group.

This exclusive composite is the result of years of research and experimentation and can be used to produce an unlimited range of products of every shape and size. Thanks to the exclusive manufacturing process, Polieco Group has created KIO, the only manhole cover made of Kinext.

Composite materials are necessary for the production of items where low weight and high mechanical properties are required. For example, they are used in aeronautical engineering, because of their high fatigue, corrosion and impact strength, or in the medical field to build artificial implants thanks to their proven strength and lightness.

Composite materials differ from metals and plastics as they are the combination of elements with different composition and shape. Each constituent maintains its identity in the final compound, without dissolving or melting completely in the other.